As this is my first blog post on my new site I thought I would choose a picture that is personal. It also combines two great loves
–  my children and photography.


I love taking pictures of people. When you have two or more subjects there is the opportunity for interaction.  For me as a photographer the reward is capturing that opportunity.  This is often by chance but with experience these chances become more regular.

In this picture of my two daughters, Leah and Ruby, they are sharing  a funny moment in the studio. This is a controlled environment where the light source has already been determined. They are stood up in front of a white background and just chatting without any words from me. They know that I will be taking a picture, they just don’t know when. With  hand up to mouth and eyes tightly shut Ruby becomes hysterical at something Leah is saying. As the shutter goes you know instantly that you are capturing that moment you were waiting for.

This is my favourite picture of them together. A tightly cropped image in a white studio of my two daughters having a laugh together  is private, intimate and simple.